Starting your day with an uplifting reading sets a positive tone for your mind-set, which can give you a more positive outlook and more patience. Having God’s support, combined with your positive outlook, can give you the strength and support to cope with life’s twists and turns.


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Prayer Readings from Mornings with the Lord

A Message from Doreen:

This book was inspired by a miracle that happened to me while I was writing the Loving Words From Jesus Cards. Gathering gospel verses for these cards prompted me to read the gospels. This inspired me to begin attending church, and on January 7, 2017 during a service I saw Jesus. He was glowing the brightest light, and rays of light beamed from his heart. He didn’t say anything, but I knew that he was the real Jesus of the Bible, of the Holy Trinity, and who’d been crucified to save humanity. I also knew that I had to get baptized, which I’d never before done nor had I ever considered.

Dear Friend,

I’m so excited to begin the day with you, with my new book, Mornings with the Lord! This is a beautiful collection of daily messages, morning prayers, and scripture to help you start your day on a positive note.

After I was baptized, it was like I was a completely new person. I had invited the Lord into my heart, and my heart grew as a result. I read and studied the Bible daily, and experienced more compassion, more love, motivation to volunteer, and a deeper connection to God and all of God’s creations. I overcame my shyness of talking about Jesus publicly, and began sharing with others his message through Scripture.

I love reading devotionals and scripture, so I’m thrilled to present this new book to you. What an amazing way to start your day, by reading Mornings with the Lord!

Doreen reads the encouraging and powerful prayers from Mornings with the Lord from January 1 - May 31 with background meditation music.

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Exclusive Meditation with Doreen Virtue

Prayer Readings from Mornings with the Lord

An uplifting, comforting, and positive meditation with Doreen reading her favorite Psalms.

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$9.99 value

Have you been looking for a positive way to start your day?

Consciously connecting with the Lord daily strengthens your communication lines, helping you notice and understand the divine messages sent to you. The more often you deliberately commune with God, the more your faith and sense of peace can increase.

The devotionals in Mornings with the Lord each have a calendar date, so that you can read a page to begin your morning. Each entry offers a contemplative topic, a prayer to the Lord, and a relevant scriptural passage.

May you enjoy hours of heartfelt conversations with the Lord. And may these pages serve as stepping-stones to meditation, worship, and further biblical study.

M a t t h e w  6 : 2 5

I love that I can talk with you about my worries, and that you lead me through them to the other side of fear, which is complete faith and inner peace.


“That is why I tell you not to worry about everyday life—whether you have enough food and drink, or enough clothes to wear. Isn’t life more than food, and your body more than clothing?”

Excerpt from

Mornings with the Lord:

If you look for something to worry about, you will find it, as the mind locates whatever it’s seeking. The ego says that it is keeping you safe by anticipating danger so that you can control or avoid it.

Yet does worrying really have benefits? If so, what are they? Isn’t it more effective to plan for tomorrow, instead of worrying? Whatever happens in life, God is there to help you and give you strength. If you need something, prayer will lead to great ideas, and acting on them will generate whatever you need, plus bring blessings to others.

Relaxing and having faith makes our minds more receptive to hearing God’s guidance, and gives us the confidence and energy to enact the guidance. The key is to be aware of worry when it first creeps in, and then stop it in its tracks with a prayer such as this one:

Dear God, I am worried about [describe the situation], and I can’t handle this alone. Here, God, please lift away these worries and let me know what action I need to take . . .Then please give me the courage and support to take it.

Relax—God Is in Charge

About Doreen Virtue:

Doreen Virtue graduated from Chapman University with two degrees in counseling psychology. A former psychotherapist, Doreen now gives online workshops on topics related to her books and card decks. She’s the author of The Courage to Be Creative, Don’t Let Anything Dull Your Sparkle, The Miracles of Archangel Michael, and Loving Words from Jesus cards, among many other works. She has appeared on Oprah, CNN, the BBC, The View, and Good Morning America and has been featured in newspapers and magazines worldwide.

Raised by her parents in New Thought religion, Doreen found that her spiritual path was transformed by an experience in January 2017, when she had a life-changing vision of Jesus that led her to become a baptized and confirmed born-again Christian in the Episcopal Anglican Church. Her work now focuses on gently helping people reconnect with the real Jesus.


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